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Neck injuries can be a common type of workplace damage that makes workers eligible for workers’ comp benefits. While neck injuries might not seem like a big deal, they can limit your ability to move your head, which can then limit your ability to perform your job duties competently. Likewise, in occupations that require fast reflexes, it can also be dangerous.

Neck Pain from Sitting at a Desk all Day

Your neck injury could be the result of a single accident, or it could have been caused by repetitive stress on the muscles caused by performing a similar task over and over again. Working for too much time at a computer or bending over a workbench all day can both contribute to repetitive injuries.

Computer Neck Pain Symptoms

"Computer neck" refers to the development of pain in the neck as a result of working at a computer all day without a proper ergonomics setup. There are various symptoms of this type of condition, including:

  • Muscle tightness or stiffness in the neck
  • Muscle spasms
  • Difficulty turning or moving your head in certain directions
  • Pain that become worse when you sit in certain positions

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Applying for Workers’ Compensation

Neck injuries can be difficult to file for under workers’ compensation, primarily because most workers recover from a relatively minor injury within 6 months. However, because neck injuries can be hard to diagnose and treat, workers’ comp insurance companies often deny applications based on these injuries. 

Those with neck injuries can find it hard to pinpoint the exact source of the pain and the insurance company could claim the neck injury wasn’t related to the workplace at all.

If you had a pre-existing neck injury, the insurance company could blame your current pain on an old wound. It is vital if you experience neck pain, you get medical attention promptly. If the workers’ comp insurance company sends you to a company doctor, who determines your injury is simply the result of aging, seek a second opinion from a physician you trust.

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